SUPER 8 – An Illustrated History by Danny Plotnick

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Danny Plotnickin kirja Super 8 – An Illustrated History.

Super 8: An Illustrated History is a coffee table art book showcasing the history of Super 8 filmmaking. In addition to featuring stunning photography documenting the sleek mid-century design of Super 8 cameras and projectors, the book also offers a detailed history of the beloved medium—one not only embraced by suburban dads, the target audience of the format, but by the art world, punk rockers, and ultimately popular culture. Filmmakers who got their start in Super 8 include, Robert Zemeckis, Jim Jarmusch, Todd Haynes, Sam Raimi, Wes Anderson, and Alex Gibney.

Super 8 also features interviews from filmmakers who got their start in Super 8 and individuals who were instrumental in the development of the medium. Interviews include filmmakers Richard Linklater, Dave Markey, Rocky Schenk, James Mackay on Derek Jarman, Lenny Lipton, James Nares, G.B. Jones, Bruce LaBruce, Peggy Ahwesh, Paul Sheptow, Ed Sayers, Melinda Stone, Jonathan Tyman, Norwood Cheek, Martha Colburn, Narcisa Hirsch, slit, Matthias Müller, John Porter, and Karissa Hahn. On the technical front, the book features interviews with Roland Zavada, Bob Doyle, Phil Vigeant, Frank Bruinsma, and Tommy Madsen”.

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