Super8 KODAK TRI-X 160 Black&White reversal film 7266

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  • For Super 8 cameras
  • Film sensitivity: 200 ASA (Daylight 5500K) / 160 ASA (Tungsten 3200K), TRI-X is suitable for both tungsten and daylight.
  • Film in cartridge: 15m / 50ft
  • Black & White reversal film is characterized by excellent tonal gradation, a distinctive fine grain structure and exceptional sharpness.
  • Development Process: KODAK B&W Reversal Process

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Estimated running time of a single 15 m (50 ft) film cartridge at the most typical frame rates:
18 frames per second = 3min 20s
24 frames per second = 2min 30s
25 frames per second = 2min 24s
(Calculated running times, may vary by camera model)

Download PDF: KODAK 7266 Technical Data

NOTE: The developed TRI-X film can be viewed on a projector as the gray tones of the film are turned from negative to positive in the development process (hence the reversal film).
After development TRI-X can be scanned into a digital format.

See also the pages “8mm processing” and “8mm scanning”