D8 FOMAPAN R 100 2x8mm B&W reversal film

From: 17,08 

  • For Double 8 cameras
    (NOTE: Not compatible with Super8 cartridge cameras)
  • Film sensitivity: 100 ASA
  • Double-edge perforated film with Normal 8 mm-style perforations on a 10m (33ft) or on a 30m (100ft) daylight spool.
  • Panchromatic sensitized Black & White reversal film features a very good resolving power, fine grain and high contour sharpness.
  • Development Process: R-100

For further information, see the Description below



Estimated running time of a D8 spool with 2x10m (2x33ft) film at the most typical frame rates:

18 frames per second ≈ 4min 53s (2min 26s / side)
24 frames per second ≈ 3min 18s (1min 50s / side)
(Calculated running times, may vary by camera model)

NOTE: The developed FOMAPAN R 100 film can be viewed on a projector as the gray tones of the film are turned from negative to positive in the development process (hence the reversal film) and the film is spliced into two 8mm film strips.
After development the FOMAPAN R 100 can be scanned into a digital format.

See also the pages “8mm processing” and “8mm scanning”

Download PDF: FOMAPAN R 100 Technical Data