D8/DS8 – Color negative film processing

From: 21,00 

Films leave for processing every Monday, please deliver films to us by 12:00 o’clock Monday.
Processing times are 7-10 days from each Monday.

  • Development process: Color Negative ECN-2
  • Includes splicing of the film from the middle
  • Optional preparation for scanning

Select from options below or see Description for further information.

Add to cart the number of rolls to be developed.


Film handling * 

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Film handling: When you choose Processing + prep for scan, 2m film leaders will be added to the beginning and the end of the reel which will guide the material through the scanner before the actual film. If there are multiple cartridges, they’ll be spooled onto a larger reel.


The delivery time for both processing and scanning is 15 business days from every Monday.