35mm KODAK VISION3 500T color negative 5219

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  • 35mm cameras
  • Film Sensitivity: 500 ASA  (Artificial Light 3200K)
  • Available in 122m and 305m on core.
  • Colored negative film balanced with artificial light  .
  • The low freshness of shadows and good peak light reproduction give flexibility to digital color definition.
  • Development Process: Color Negative ECN-2

See Description below for more information.

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Shooting times at most common shooting speeds:

    • 24 fps – 4 perf camera
      61m ≈ 2min 13sec
      122m ≈ 4min 26sec
      305m ≈ 11min 06sec
    • 24 fps – 3 perf camera
      61m ≈ 2min 57sec
      122m ≈ 5min 55sec
      305m ≈ 14min 49sec
    • 25 fps- 4 perf camera
      61m ≈ 2min 08sec
      122m ≈ 4min 16sec
      305m ≈ 10min 40sec
    • 25 fps- 3 perf camera
      61m ≈ 2min 50sec
      122m ≈ 5min 41sec
      305m ≈ 14min 13sec

Download PDF:  KODAK 5219 Technical Data

NOTE: The film is developed as a negative so it is not directly viewable on the projector because its colors are inverted ( negative ). After the development, the negative film can be scanned into a digital format, in which the colors are turned to normal.

See also the pages “35mm processing” and “35mm scanning”