16mm KODAK VISION3 200T color negative film 7213

From: 50,58 

  • For 16mm cameras
  • Film Sensitivity: 200 ASA (Tungsten 3200K)
  • Available on 30.5m (100ft) R-90 daylight spool and on 122m (400ft) roll with a core.
  • Tungsten balanced color negative film that provides the image structure of a 100 speed film with the versatility of a 200 speed product for improved extreme exposure control without sacrificing detail or definition.
  • This film performs well in both controlled interiors and in challenging high-contrast exteriors.
  • Good highlight latitude, reduced grain in shadows to offer great flexibility in post production.
  • Development Process: Color Negative ECN-2

For further information, see the Description below

 Please note that the delivery time for backorders on 16mm filmstock is between 3-8 weeks at the moment. 



Estimated running time with lengths of 30.5m (100ft) and 122m (400ft) of footage at the typical frame rates:

30.5m (100ft) R-90 daylight spool
24 frames per second = 2min 49s
25 frames per second = 2min 42s

122m (400ft) roll with a core
24 frames per second = 11min 6s
25 frames per second = 10min 40s

NOTE: The film is developed as a negative so it is not directly viewable on a projector because its colors are inverted (hence the negative).
After development the negative film can be scanned into a digital format in which the colors are turned to normal.

See also the pages “16mm processing” and “16mm scanning”

Download PDF:  KODAK 7213 Technical Data